MGT of America wins $1.8 million contract with the State of Florida

MGT of America was chosen to work with Florida education officials to evaluate local educational agency (LEA) practices and state level initiatives related to educator effectiveness and bolster efforts with the Federal Race to the Top (RTTT) program... Click here to find out more

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MGT of America Expert Presents Report to Sarasota School District at Press Conference

MGT of America conducted a four month review of Sarasota County school district spending and recommended cutting more than $23 million in spending. The review comes amid a recent push — from Florida Gov. Rick Scott, some state lawmakers, and now private groups — to make school districts more business-like...Click here to find out more

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The Utah Prison Relocation and Development Authority (PRADA) has selected MGT to assist the state in determining if the Draper prison should be relocated, if a new prison should be built, and what is the most cost efficient use of the more than 700 acre current prison site. MGT was selected over two other finalists based on their ability to objectively assist the state in making decisions that are in keeping with national standards, and make the best use of the state’s limited resources. PRADA has allocated $500,000 to this project and anticipates recommendations to be delivered by the first part of 2014.